VELFIX-EDGE Transparent I.V Dressing With Borders

VELFIX-EDGE Transparent I.V Dressing With Borders

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VELFIX-EDGE Transparent I.V Dressing with Borders is the superhero of wound care products! This incredible dressing has been designed with a unique window frame to permit a constant examination of the IV site, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your patients are safe and secure.

With added securement, breathability, and extended wear time thanks to the non-woven borders, the VELFIX-EDGE dressing is perfect for even the most demanding of environments. Made with a premium 30 µ high MVTR transparent Polyurethane film, this dressing provides a barrier against external contaminants and is especially designed for fragile and sensitive skin.

The VELFIX-EDGE dressing is easy to apply, with its unique notched design preventing edge lifting and ensuring a reliable and durable hold. It's also conforming, repositionable, and gentle yet reliable in securement for the duration of use, without causing any excess pain, pulling hair, or damaging the skin upon removal.

The dressing comes with 2 non-woven securing strips and 1 date recording strip, making it easy to keep track of your patient's care. Plus, with its unique coating technology, the VELFIX-EDGE dressing reduces pain on removal and leaves no adhesive residue on the skin post-removal.

    Best Used For: 

    • Central Venous Catheters 
    • IV Catheter sites 
    • Dialysis catheters
    • Hickman/Broviac catheters
    • Epidural catheters
    • Arterial catheters
    • Short peripheral and midline venous catheters

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