At Hospitals, Schools & Nursing Homes Masks & Sanitizer are needed to protect Everyone

PurDefense was born out of the recent Pandemic and giving back to those in need is our way of helping out those on the front lines by saying Thank You!.  We exist to help support the medical and educational communities through this pandemic and the next one.  

Over 1,000,000
Items Donated

PurDefense was founded on the philosophy of helping those in need of personal protective equipment. The more we sell the more we donate.  As we grow our giving and community efforts will continue to grow with us.  One purchased = One donated. 

Looking For PurDefense Donation Products For Your Organization?

PurDefense works with all types of nonprofits, organizations and at-risk communities in need of Personal Protective Equipment.  Get in touch with us today to see if your organization qualifies for our donation of protective masks and sanitizer.     

Organizations We Have Supported

“PurDefense, a division of Restore Robotics is a dedicated member of the community, and we believe that during this time of the pandemic, it is our duty to help where we can,” said Clif Parker, CEO of Restore Robotics. “We offered these supplies as a support to the great staff of GNR Health as they fight on the frontlines of COVID as well as our fellow community members as we work through these, hopefully, final days of the pandemic.”