Pandemic Warehouse Service

Be Prepared For The Next Emergency & Beyond

Your Pandemic Warehouse acts as an emergency response solution to the next epidemic, securely storing your personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical devices for on-demand, state-side delivery.

PurDefense stocks your inventory of Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Isolation gowns, protective goggles and more in one of our climate controlled warehouses in Georgia or California so that you are ready when you need supplies.  All Inventory is in-stock and available for purchase today. We can also safely store your own privately purchased PPE or medical devices.

We have trained professionals to perform preventative annual maintenance on stored medical devices.

Solving Your Emergency Response Time

On-call, state-side delivery of stored products to your facility within 36 hours.  


Avoid navigating the global markets and international delivery for high demand PPE products your staff needs.

All With A Favorable Cost Approach

Establish set prices NOW for your PPE to avoid fluctuation with market supply and demand.  Buy now to save money later. Avoid increased shipping and price-mark up of PPE domestically and internationally due to high global demand.


Need longer storage? No need to worry about your PPE expiring as we utilize a 'first-in-first-out' deployment of your current inventory so that your products are always up to date and ready for deployment.

We have pioneered this new epidemic response plan because it is not IF another pandemic hits it is only a matter of WHEN.  Don't rely on a broken and complex global supply chain and utilize the USA private sector to avoid consumer panic and distribution instability to supply PPE to your doctors, staff and patients.  Our Pandemic Warehouse storage is only $1.75 PSF per month plus affordable hourly rates billed for Inventory Additions, Moves & Removal.  

Ready to Secure Your Space & Product?

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