Peacemaker Buckshot 12 Gauge 2.75" 9 Pellet - Case of 200

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If you shoot 12 gauge in the field, while on the hunt, or while on the range for sport and recreation, these Peacemaker Buckshot rounds are a reliable and effective choice. With 10 rounds per box, these Buck rounds can help you hunt, train, shoot for fun, or even defend the home. Featuring high brass and 9 pellets of fast-moving 1 buck, Peacemaker Buck 12 ammo is perfect for your 12 gauge shotgun.

  • Caliber 12mm
  • Brass Height 16mm
  • Case Height 70mm
  • Grams 34g
  • Wad - Bior
  • Lead Shot Size - 8,6 mm  
  • Velocity - 420 m/s
  • Box - 10 Rounds
  • Case - 200 Rounds

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