VELSOFT-F.R Hypoallergenic Cloth Tape

VELSOFT-F.R Hypoallergenic Cloth Tape

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VELSOFT-F.R.® Hypoallergenic & Latex Free Non-Woven Cloth Tape  


  • Made with a premium and soft non-woven cloth to increase patient comfort 
  • Leaves no adhesive residue on skin post removal 
  • Stretchable in the cross and diagonal direction 
  • Latex Free and Hypoallergenic 
  • Conformable 
  • Permeable to air and water vapor
  • Can be used as a wide area fixation dressing 
  • Easy application process reduces cross contamination and gloves sticking to the adhesive  
  • Radio transparent


  • Wide area fixation of wound dressing
  • Secure fixation of tubes & catheters
  • Securing areas where skin will stretch (eg.  Joints, Distention or edema)