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These fit well and are soft on the skin.

I’m happy with these as they are very soft and comfortable. I read that some others contain too much synthetic material, so I would recommend buying these individually wrapped masks. You also can quickly identify the nose piece by the color.

Great, fast service.

Great product at low cost with fast delivery!

Excellent service

Have not used these masks yet so can't comment on efficacy, fit etc Service, as always, from PurDefense was excellent.
Order shipped promptly, was easy to track, and arrived within the window specified. This has been true with all my previous orders from this company.
Price was a bit less than that found on other sites for what appeared to be the identical product.

The ear loops

The ear loops are a bit loose, but when you fold a small knot on each loop, it fits just fine. They are also good if you wear outside another mask, not tight. The mask has layers of protection, thicker than most surgical masks i have tried.

great masks

5 stars

Excellent product.

These masks are great. Arrived on time. I'm using them everytime.

Great USA made face masks

These USA made masks are comfortable, fit snugly, and created with quality 3ply materials that are not thin like some other cheaply made masks out there. Very happy to find these, and we were able to get our price down by ordering a small volume. Proud to wear this mask with the ‘Made in the USA’ stamp on them!

KN95 Masks Extra Large 50 Pack
Jonathan Gordon
Large mask, perfect fit, finally!

Finally a large enough mask!! Fits perfectly. Great advice -- thank you Jarrod!

Mask ear loops

Ear loops on mask are too loose. Only 2 choices child or adult. The adult mask is loose on both myself and my husband.

Good fit

Best fit of the masks I've tried. My first order was the 10 pack -- shipped UPS and arrived on time. Alas, my second order was shipped USPS and has been stuck in their Atlanta black hole for 5 days now. I suggest requesting shipment by UPS.

The most comfortable I've found

I was frustrated with the uncomfortable fit with paper masks and also hated the waste so I asked for a better solution. This particular mask was recommended and I can't be happier with it. It's the most comfortable mask I've worn (including clothe masks that I've had made for me), doesn't make me feel claustrophobic and doesn't bind into my ears. Also I love the fact that it provides me with a better fit than the regular paper masks and more protection, and I can wash it.

Couldn't be happier

Best mask I’ve bought.

This is the best mask I have bought so far and I have bought a lot.
I highly recommend it.

OK but Fog eyeglasses

Demetech N95 mask is more rigid than 3M N95. The rigidity caused imperfection fitting around nose bridge and glass foggy if people wear glasses. Slighty better breathing with 3M mask than Demetech mask. Not sure if Demetech mask would block more particles to release to the outside environment.

Very comfortable and solid quality

The inside doesn’t feel like the little fibers are falling apart like some other masks

Satisfied customer.

Purdefense responded and delivered quickly.

Highly Recommend 3M VFlex N95 Masks

For these days of heightened potential risk, a comfortable and secure fit in a pocket friendly folding design

3M N95 straps

I used N95 in the past couple years ago, notice the difference in the latest order of 3M N95 masks: the strap quality is not the same: the rubber is thinner and not retract to the original state, therefore the mask does not fit as tight as the first wear; the mask quality is similar to the past by the feel of it.

PurDefense N99 Copper Infused Reusable Masks
Jimmy C.
Masks are not to my liking.

When I received the masks they were wrapped in plastic. I didn't notice both had stains until I removed the plastic to wash them. I washed per the instructions but the stains remained. For me, the masks are more restrictive in air flow when breathing so I can't use them in the gym. One last issue I had is because of the restrictive air flow and living in So. Fla. I am sweating more under the mask which is uncomfortable. They are just not working for me.

Hi Jimmy,

We hate to hear when someone does not like their masks. We are going to send you our 3 Layer Non-Medical ASTM Level 1 Mask as replacements. They are black and super comfortable.

Thank you,

Stealth Black Surgical Mask

I've only just begun using this mask, but find it very comfortable

Superior design

I find Optrel mask design to be exceptional for fitting faces of various sizes and shapes. The mask strap connection is not rigid (fused or stapled) as on other masks, allowing for more flexibility in fitting. I also appreciate the folding structure, as it facilitates storage in pocket or purse during travel.


Excellent face covering

Great Product

Strong, durable and a good value

Optrel P.AIR N95 Particulate Respirator 40 Pack

Excellent quality

These masks are excellent quality and ship very quickly!

3M™ 1860 N95 Respirators
Frontline Worker
Great resource for healthcare personal

This is a great resource site for healthcare personal. Trusted company and products.